Are you a business owner?

If not, maybe you have a dream to be a business owner one day?

Regardless if you are a business owner currently, or have dreams to be one day, or someone who values their financial security, what I’ll be sharing with you, will give you an insight into the business world from my experience and hopefully position yourself in a better financial position with the knowledge.

You see when it comes to business, many of us have a dream, maybe we’re passionate about one particular industry, maybe you’ve got a great product or idea you want to share with the world, maybe your planning to build a successful business and enjoy other leisurely activities, such as playing golf, spending more time with your children, or maybe just sitting poolside on a tropical resort drinking mojitos all day. Whatever the motive is, we all need help, we need guidance, we need assistance, we need business coaching, to building our business before we can book our one-way ticket to your dream tropical resort.

As much as people believe in the utopia of starting or opening a new business, the reality is more than a staggering 60% of business fail within the first 3 years, even worst only 80-90% won’t make it to the 10-year mark. How is this even possible?

Having a great product or service doesn’t mean you are going to be successful. You might believe you have a great product or service, yet the market responds by drowning your dreams in debt and leaving you saddened by the whole experience.

Most business owners or start up's fail for generally the same reasons...

Top 5 Reasons Why Business Fail:

  1. Poor planning.

  2. Inaccurate market research.

  3. Sales skills.

  4. Mismanagement of financials.

  5. Poor systems and structures.

For this reason Project C business coaching is divided into 3 sections to help business owners with tackling these issues destroy our dreams.

  1. Business Consulting Our main objective here is to help business owners strategize a plan for where they are now, and where they want to be. To set targets so they’re clear about the path ahead and the task required in order to grow and increase revenue.

  2. Marketing Strategies. We feel the majority of business owners especially in this day and age get lost with outdated marketing methods that almost can’t compete with the exploding impact smartphones, and social media have made. In 2013, smartphones made up for 15% of internet traffic, in 2020 it's over 60% with 95% of the population, having conducted research from their device, prior to completing an online purchase. For this reason, my main marketing strategies are focused on digital marketing such as SEO’s, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Instagram. Another huge advantage to modern digital marketing is traffic generation, which means companies like Google and Facebook know data and metric information about which customer is more interested in business and more likely to shop with you. It’s basically filtering out the right customers for you, which will save you time and money by investing it wisely.

  3. Sales training. I’ve taken my experience in sales for the past 10 years, multiple books I’ve read, done courses, and invest thousands of dollars in self-education on the subject. Sales are the hurdle most people struggle because their sales skill is basic or outdated. Fortunately, it can be taught and improved with time and effort. Regardless of which sector you’re in, sales training is a lifelong skill you’ll need, in order to succeed. Even outside of business, sales & persuasion is a major component of negations for major purchases for example buying a house or a car, convincing your children to clean their room, and why it’s important to listen to their parents or even convincing your boss your deserving of a raise.

In the coming year, Project C is going to organize a business seminar for start-up and small business owners, where he'll be covering these 3 sections in more detail and providing valuable serves to other business owners.

As I finish off this blog, I want you all to know it’s never too late to try anything in life, even starting your own business even if the statistics aren't supporting as you would hope. We believe as long as your passionate about what your selling, and it makes you happy and fulfilled, that is true success in our opinion. Remember fear doesn’t stop death, it stops living!

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